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                產品中心/ Products

                關於我們/ About Us
                    Taixing Qin Hai Musical Instruments Co., Ltd. was established in 2010, is the "Chinese violin industry are" Huangqiao Town, Taixing City, Jiangsu Province, the emerging enterprises. With the development of advanced technologies, build the whole distribution network, grid due diligence of the management team and aggressive employees, the corporate culture of modern civilization, a Chinese musical instruments, new production technology industry enterprises.

                    Company existing staff 168 people, including 5 years of professional and technical personnel 146 people, 8 engineers, production and sales of the flagship product for the classical guitar, folk guitar, electric guitar, violin, cello, big bass and other products. The company has an annual output of 200,000 guitar, electric guitar, 100000, 50000 violin, cello, the production capacity of 10,000, 90% of the products are sold to over 30 countries and regions. Related products certified by the EU RoHS, CE, electric guitar SONCAP certification, electric bass SONCAP certification.

                    The company has the industry leading production systems and first-class production environment. Has a neat, clean, clean of the production environment, with constant temperature and humidity of the standardized plant, the scientific design of efficient production processes, the international advanced automatic electrostatic spraying system, all imports of UV drying facilities, automatic guitar sound production of machinery and other beam equipment, and fully guarantee the workmanship is exquisite and stability.

                    The company set up by international and domestic senior experts as the backbone of the research team and dedicated capable, innovative and efficient R & D management team, with a strong R & D capability, excellent product testing capabilities. Excellent product quality, timely and comprehensive ability to respond to customer requirements and a strong customer base sound, the piano effectively protect the health of marine instruments for sustainable development.

                    Company established a "pursuit of higher quality, provide perfect service", adhering to the "survival by quality, develop by innovation", through continuous innovation and strict quality control measures, consistently provide customers with the Heart wishful products and services, in exchange for completely satisfied customers.

                    Chairman Ho Chin warmly welcome all friends to visit and negotiate cooperation and seek common development!

                • 關於我們

                新聞中心/ News

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                  The violin belongs to the singing melody. Therefore, how to sing on the violin full of full, beautiful voice, is the violin playing the most important......

                • The history of the violin...

                  When it comes to the origin of the violin, it is necessary to deal with the artistic view and technical methods of the original designer...

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                  Corley is the founder of the Italian violin school. He confirms that the violin is a musical instrument. He wrote the sonata, in the Allegro movement ......


                視頻專區 / Video

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                Contact us : 15961021788